So, You Had a Bad Day

So, You Had a Bad Day

I love homeschooling. I’m passionate about so many aspects of it. I also know the reality is that it isn’t always glamorous. I felt that reality today. Tired, worn out, sick of winter, feeling cooped up, behavioral issues, messy house, how desperately I wanted a break from it all! Ever had a day like that?

My friend stopped by to drop something off, looking all cute and glowy and 20ish weeks pregnant or so. When I met her at my back door, in the midst of dirt, boots, and coats, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I looked like my three year old when she gets ready for church; crazy hair, unmatching clothes with hideous patterns, no make-up and smudges clouding my vision through my glasses. Heather graciously didn’t mention the medical belt I had around my waist, (my side still gives me issues). She left and I felt like slumping in a heap of despair. But the rice, broccoli, and beef stroganoff kept me on my feet as dinner needed to be served.

Just then, an almost hail-like snow began to fall. The kids ran outside as David was coming in the door and dinner was ready. I decided to light a candle and serve the two of us, alone. Two minutes into our romantic evening, someone came in to use the potty. As soon as that kiddo headed back out, another one looked through the back, saw us eating and approached the sliding glass door indignantly. After telling him that kid’s dinner would start in ten minutes, two other kids came in the front door saying they were cold and took off their boots to sit by the fire. Our quiet alone time thwarted, I was really starting to feel desperate.

Just when I thought I would never be able to finish a conversation with my husband, I remembered for Christmas, our son had given us money to go on a date. I served the kids dinner and asked Jules if she would babysit. We headed through the snow storm for a cone. I hadn’t applied any make up, nor changed my clothing, but no one seemed to care at the local McD.

Upon arriving home, there was a sign on the garage door:

We walked in to an immaculate house. The kitchen was spotless. The rooms vacuumed. Candles were lit and the fireplace blazing. The tea kettle was boiling and out of the oven came a delicious smell. David and I were directed to the couch and in hushed tones preparations were made behind us. Eventually we were served tea and tiny little homemade teacakes on a candlelit tray. I’m telling you, this could have come right out of Jana Duggar’s “How to be a good daughter” play book.


We sat and enjoyed our goodies while the kids took theirs at the kitchen island in silence. After some time had passed, for 90 minutes the children played their best piano pieces, read favorite passages of scripture, danced and sang for us. The entertainment was sweet, including the comedy act which began with: “We want you to know we are a company with Christian values.” As gangsta-rap was piped in the background.

I know tomorrow we will be facing a lot of the same challenges we faced today. But tonight, God gave me the hug I needed as we took a rest from the craziness of life. And I was reminded why I love homeschool.