Meet the Swannies

The strap on my shoulder is my purse not a snake. And it’s the only recent photo I have…we’ll work on this!

I’m the swannie mom, Michelle. I’m wife to David, and mom to five miracles. We have a heart for discipling our kids and homeschooling in a relationship, grace-oriented way. We are passionate about making connections in each other’s hearts. Our family identifies in three ways: Agents of Grace, Image Bearers of God, and Vessels of Reconciliation. We love to share our struggles and victories so that Jesus can be glorified. We have been blessed and desire to be a blessing to others.

David is the DAD. There is no better dad on this planet. He isn’t likely going to post here, but his dedication, creativity, and selfless love is part of everything we share.

We are going to go with internet names for the kids for now. I can’t wait for you to get to know Jules, Peebs, Odes, Catty, and Cupcake.